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December 11, 2018

CuraDebt Review

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CuraDebt is a Florida-based company that specializes in debt settlement, though it can also help with debt consolidation and credit counseling. If you’re in debt and don’t know how to get out, you can use this CuraDebt review to determine if this company is right for you as you try to settle your debt. Here’s what you need to know before you decide.

CuraDebt Debt Relief Review

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  • Management tools: Paired with debt settlement services, CuraDebt offers a number of debt management tools which can assist you in cutting down your debt while simultaneously attempting to settle it.
  • Price: CuraDebt differs from most debt settlement companies, regardless of your total debt or circumstances: they charge 20 percent of the total debt settled. Additionally, there is also a monthly cost $10.75.
  • Time frame: CuraDebt is within the range of most debt settlement programs, typically taking anywhere from 24 to 48 months.
  • Other highlights: CuraDebt also specializes in settling business debts, and arranges for a personal advisor to see you through the entire settlement process.
  • Available states: CuraDebt is offered in 38 out of the 50 states, although limited, it surpasses most other debt settlement services.

When you either call CuraDebt or fill out the consultation form online, a representative will go over your debts with you. In order to get debt settlement services from CuraDebt, you need $5,000 or more of unpaid debt. That can include money owed on credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, private student loans and taxes.

Once you qualify for CuraDebt’s services, the company will work on your behalf to settle your debt, calling your creditors to negotiate a reduced amount you can pay. On average, CuraDebt can save clients 30 to 50 percent of their debt. The company charges a fee of 20 percent of your total debt, which you’ll pay once your debts are negotiated. For example, if you have $6,000 in debt, and CuraDebt negotiates that down to $3,000, you’ll pay $1,200 for CuraDebt’s services. So in total, you’ll pay $4,200, which is 70 percent of your debt.

If you look at the typical CuraDebt review, you’ll see that most people say this company is professional and easy to work with. In addition, many customers say the representatives are polite and knowledgeable, suggesting this company offers great customer service. So if you need someone to walk you through the process of negotiating debt, many CuraDebt reviews suggest this might be a good company to work with.

If you’re having trouble paying your debts off and would like to reduce the amount you owe, you might want to look into CuraDebt. As long as you have at least $5,000 in debt that you’d like to reduce, this option may be right for you. Just make sure you can make the reduced payments on time every month, which will include the 20 percent fee to CuraDebt for help with debt settlement. If you’re still not sure if CuraDebt will work for your situation, you can call and get a free consultation to find out more about how it works and if you qualify.

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CuraDebt Debt Relief
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