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March 14, 2023

Which Credit Repair Companies Come With a Guarantee?

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Many people find themselves in financial trouble from time to time. These money issues can drive down your credit score. And sometimes your credit score can also take a hit due to inaccurate negative items. Since most financial institutions take the word of Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, it’s important to have a correct record. Unfortunately, your word alone will not get inaccurate negative items removed.

Although you can fight to correct your own record, the process can be complicated and time-consuming. You may decide to hire a credit repair company to help you. Many of these organizations exist, but you need to choose a reputable company that stands behind its work. Or the entire experience can leave you worse off than before.

Late payments, bankruptcies, collection efforts – these are just a few of the things that can drag your score down by hundreds of points. Credit repair companies can help you remove some of these items from your credit reports. Particularly if they are incorrect. Not all of these companies are created equal. Certainly, some companies are more successful than others in removing these negative items.

Credit Histories

It’s vital to hire a company with knowledgeable employees who will aggressively pursue the removal of negative items. Remember, some credit histories are easier to fix than others. If you have multiple collection items or late payments on your record, no company can get you to an excellent credit rating in just a few months. They can help you get long-term results through credit monitoring services and financial planning advice.

Before signing on with any credit repair company, you should check to see if they offer a money-back guarantee. For instance, Sky Blue Financial Services allows you 90 days to ask for a refund if you are unhappy with their results. Other companies such as Lexington Law warn prospective clients that their results cannot be guaranteed due to the complexities of the service offered. Before deciding on a company, check their online reviews and status with the Better Business Bureau.

Credit repair businesses can help you rid your credit history of unfair or inaccurate negative items. Do research these companies and check their refund policies before becoming a customer.

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